Timebank Raglan

We're connecting people one hour at a time!

Timebank Raglan

We're connecting people one hour at a time!


Contact Tania if you would like to organise a TimeBank event or workshop. timebank@whaingaroa.org.nz

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About Timebank Raglan

Raglan Timebank began in 2012 to enable everyone in Whaingaroa to have access to the help and resources they need. Timebank connects groups and individuals amongst the community group so they can swap skills, time, resources and get involved in events, without the use of having to exchange money in the process. Raglan Timebank is open to all ages and abilities, and everyone's time is of equal value.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: building vibrant resilient and actively connected communities through complementary economic systems. Building healthy communities!

Our Mission: Timebank Raglan promotes resilience and wellbeing in our community by connecting people and creating opportunities for them to share and swap skills, time and resources.

Core values that underpin all activity:

  • We are all assets. Everyone is valuable and has something to offer
  • Redefining work - that is valuing the often unpaid and unseen work that creates a caring and compassionate community
  • Reciprocity - the flow of both giving and receiving
  • Social networks - the value and importance of a connected community
  • Respect

Intoducing our new timebanking software called Time and Talents.

Now is a great time to check it out!

A few notes

  • You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and TimeBank Raglan’s code of conduct.
  • Information from your previous Timebank account (including your profile details, number of time credits etc) is available on the new site.
  • Please take this opportunity to check your profile and update as needed. Note in a few cases the photos didn't transfer over. Your profile is in the top right-hand corner of the page once you've logged in.

Here are more helpful videos

Time and Talents v2.0 Welcome and Overview

Time and Talents v2 Editing your profile

Time and Talents v2 Listing an offer or request

Time and Talents v2 Announcements

All new things take a bit of getting used to so please do sign in and have a play around. You'll see most things are familiar - you can post offers and requests, record exchanges, and contact other members. There's a couple of things that are a bit different e.g. offers and requests don't require 'titles' anymore. I suggest that your first sentence is a clear tiltle that you create and then go on to provide a more full description. If you need help figuring anything out, just ask.

The Time and Talents software is still being developed so it will become easier to get around the site

I'm happy to hold a group session for any members who would like to have an in-person walk through of Time and Talents. Let me know if you'd be interested in coming along and I'll set something up.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about anything at all. timebank@whaingaroa.org.nz Tania